Wealth Planning

Planning for your current and future wealth is at the core of every decision we make. Successful outcomes begin with a detailed and personalized, goals-based financial plan. We start by listening and understanding where you are today, as well as your vision for the future. Our investment team then constructs an appropriate long-term investment strategy built around your goal-focused financial plan. Your portfolio is continually monitored and adjusted as needed, while recognizing that most major changes are driven from the financial plan rather than market gyrations.

Investment Management

Our investment philosophy is grounded by evidence, not emotions. We believe costs, transparency, and tax-efficiency are paramount to a prosperous investment portfolio.

In-House Portfolio Management

While many investment advisors rely on third-party managers to invest on behalf of their clients, our portfolios are largely managed in-house. By having a CFA and CAIA charterholder on staff, we seek to construct institutional-quality portfolios with minimum reliance on pooled products like mutual funds that are embedded with an additional layer of fees.

Custom Indexing

Embracing the collective wisdom of the markets, index (passive) investing has become the preferred method of investing for millions of Americans. Custom Indexing builds on the core tenets of index investing, cost and tax efficiency, by allowing investors to truly customize an index of their choosing. Stonebrook Private clients can express their personal, religious, or other values through this process – a feature not available in off-the-shelf products.

Structured Investment Solutions

Our team maintains relationships with leading global investment banks to offer structured investments to Stonebrook Private clients. Structured investments can complement a traditional investment portfolio by delivering pre-defined, rules-based investment outcomes. When appropriate, these solutions are often utilized to alter the risk, income, or growth characteristics of a broader portfolio.

Alternative & Private Investments

Once exclusive to large institutions and ultra-high-net-worth-individuals, alternative investments have rightly gained attention in the private wealth sector for their ability to deliver differentiated and uncorrelated return streams. Our experienced team has developed a successful framework for investing across the liquidity spectrum of alternative and private investments – from liquid hedge funds to venture capital.

Option Premium Overlay

Our investment team executes personalized option overlay strategies for equity portfolios in tax-advantaged accounts. Also known as covered call writing, option premium overlays are used to generate additional income, reduce risk, and maximize liquidation value of an underlying equity portfolio.

Financial Planning

Your financial plan serves as the foundation for everything we do for you. By listening and understanding where you are today, we will construct a plan that meets your vision for the future.

Goals-Based Framework

Our process begins by helping you discover your life goals and quantifying the financial resources required to reach them. Your custom-built plan serves as our compass for important wealth, tax, and estate decisions.

Accumulation and Distribution Strategies

A long-term financial plan has both an accumulation phase and a distribution phase. Beyond just “how much to save”, we help our clients choose the right investment vehicles and account types to reach their goals. When sufficient assets have been accumulated, our job is to help you prudently spend and enjoy your hard-earned money. Our team utilizes several tools to maximize your after-tax income and minimize your ongoing tax liabilities.

Monitor and Optimize Periodically

Financial planning is not a one-and-done exercise. Our team constantly monitors your plan to make sure you are on pace to reach your goals. If adjustments are needed, we will communicate our suggestions during our regular discussions to get you back on track.


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