Estate Planning

We believe estate planning is a fundamental element of comprehensive wealth management. Our team will help you explore the wide range of potential opportunities a substantial estate can create. Whether your goal is wealth preservation across generations or the creation of a philanthropic legacy, we will help you address the big issues.

Review and Update Current Documents

Estate laws are constantly changing – at both the state and federal levels. We will review your current documents to ensure their language continues to match your intent. Outdated documents may accidently exclude significant assets that could be subject to unnecessary probate. Our team will periodically audit your household balance sheet to make sure your estate is in order.

Distribution and Wealth Transfer Strategies

Often, our client’s lifetime needs are met and supported by their wealth. When you are no longer here, who do you want to benefit from your assets? We will assist you in creating a wealth transfer strategy to minimize taxes and confusion, while maximizing your impact and legacy.

Coordination with External Attorneys

We understand the value your existing attorney brings to the table. To make the most informed decisions, we will coordinate with your external team, so you don’t have to. This helps us align your plan at Stonebrook Private with other facets of your wealth and ensures your formal documents are in good order.

If you do not have an existing relationship, we will happily connect you with a vetted professional in our network.


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