About Us

We are different by design. Our multi-generational team expertly blends experience, credentials, wisdom, and innovation. Generating and managing wealth comes with unique complexities – we are here to help.

Fee-Only Fiduciary

Stonebrook Private is proudly a fee-only advisory firm. We are held to a fiduciary standard and must always act in our client’s best interest. We cannot – and do not – accept commissions or sales loads from financial products. This allows us to sit alongside our clients when making decisions, minimizing the conflicts of interest that plague many investment firms.

Integration of Wealth, Tax, & Estate

The financial advice industry has historically made decisions regarding investments, taxes, and estate in silos. We have found this to lead to suboptimal outcomes, with clients often paying more taxes than necessary and having less assets available to fund their goals and legacy. By integrating the main facets of wealth into our planning process, we aim to be your trusted partner – beyond solely investments.

In-House Portfolio Management

While many financial advisors outsource the management of their client’s assets to third parties, we prefer to manage the lion’s share of our client’s investments in-house. Our investment team hold the highly coveted CFA and CAIA credentials, considered the gold standard for managing traditional and alternative investments. This approach affords us increased transparency into your portfolio and possible underlying risks. Most importantly, we are able to significantly reduce the all-in costs of investing for our clients by minimizing reliance on pooled products – which pass through additional management fees.

Experience and Credentials

We have found the best financial decisions are made at the intersection of real-world experience and data-driven insights. Todd Knickerbocker, our Managing Partner, has been guiding successful individuals through the difference stages of wealth since 1989. He has seen the highs, but more importantly, the lows of the markets over the last 35+ years. Spencer Knickerbocker, our Chief Investment Officer, started his career on Wall Street and holds the CFA, CAIA, and CFP designations. He brings an innovative, evidence-based framework to Stonebrook Private’s investment process.


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