Founded on the same fiduciary principles as Stonebrook Private, our Digital platform helps investors plan and invest for their future. Designed to provide a more simplified asset management and financial planning experience, Stonebrook Digital is ready to meet you where you are in your wealth building journey.

Financial Planning

The best financial outcomes begin with a plan.

Goals-Based Framework, Access to Human Advice

Our planning process begins by defining your goals, regardless of what and when they may be. After talking through it with your advisor, your financial plan will serve as the foundation for future money decisions throughout your investing experience.

Put Momentum Behind Your Finances

Our user-friendly client interface allows you to easily engage with your finances and fund your goals faster than ever.

High-Yield Cash Savings

We recognize that cash plays a part in a real-world financial plan. That is why we offer a competitive cash management solution for savers – with no fees and FDIC-Insurance up to $2mm.

Investment Management

Stonebrook Digital utilizes the same evidence-based investment framework as Stonebrook Private clients to construct transparent, low-cost portfolios.

Asset Allocation

Widely accepted academic research has shown that nearly all of the variation in portfolio returns can be attributed to asset allocation. Meaning the proper mix of stocks, bonds, and other investments is the driving force for future portfolio returns – not market timing or stock selection. Stonebrook Digital incorporates risk-managed asset allocation portfolios for our clients.

Low-Cost and Tax-Efficient ETFs

Our portfolios are built with low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to provide targeted exposure to our favorite investment areas. The ETF structure is also highly tax efficient. Bottom line, you keep more of your investment return – with less being sent to fund companies and Uncle Sam.

Risk Management Framework

At Stonebrook Digital, our factor-based risk management process utilizes the same risk framework that underpins the most sophisticated institutional investors across the globe.

Tax Coordination

Taxes can be a drag – literally. Our team builds and manages portfolios with taxes (and your wallet) in mind.

Year-Round Tax-Loss Harvesting

Our technology audits your taxable portfolio daily for tax-loss harvesting opportunities. This process has the ability to reduce your ongoing tax burden and increase your after-tax performance.

Asset Location Optimization

Investments often have taxable and tax-advantaged accounts working toward the same goals – whatever they may be. Different investments are often taxed differently depending on how they source their return. Our team strategically places assets across different account types to maximize your after-tax returns.


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