Investment Philosophy

Wall Street and financial media thrives on complexity and fear. However, many of the narratives pushed to individual investors often run in contrast to a successful long-term investment experience. Stonebrook Private aims to avoid much of this “noise” by following an evidence-based investment process. Often cited, but rarely defined, evidence-based investing focuses on numbers over narratives, time over timing, process over predictions, humility over hubris, and sleep over stress. Basing important decisions on evidence rather than emotions, we believe we position our clients to reach their goals without the unnecessary fees, taxes, and opaqueness of many investment strategies.

A core tenet of our philosophy is that all else equal, lower cost is better than higher. By building the foundation of our client’s portfolios with individual stocks and bonds, we are able to avoid the additional layer of fees that come with third-party active management and other pre-packaged products. Owning individual positions can dramatically reduce the total cost of investing, improve tax-efficiency, and provide granular transparency into the underlying risks of a portfolio. Around the foundation of individual stocks and bonds, we utilize low-cost ETFs to target exposure to additional markets and asset classes.

Complimenting traditional stocks and bonds, Stonebrook Private believes quality alternative investments have the ability to improve the risk-adjusted performance of a portfolio. For qualified clients, we invest across the liquidity spectrum in alternatives and private market investments – ranging from structured products to venture capital.


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