Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting for Stonebrook Private

Step 1: Accepting the Invitation

  1. Check Your Email: Open the email from Stonebrook Private containing the meeting invitation.
  2. Accept the Invitation: Click on the ‘Accept’ button in the invitation to add the meeting to your calendar.

Step 2: Preparing for the Meeting, Installing Microsoft Teams, and Joining

  1. Check Calendar: Prior to the meeting, either check your calendar where the meeting is now scheduled, or locate the email for the original invite.
  2. Use the “Join Meeting” Link: On the day of the meeting, open the calendar invite, or locate the email for the original invite and click on the “Join Meeting” link.

  1. Download Teams: You will be redirected to a webpage with an option to download Microsoft Teams. Choose the “Download it now”.

  1. Install Teams: Once the download is complete, open the file from your browser or your downloads folder. This will start the MS Teams installation.
  2. Enter Your Information and Test Audio/Video: On the screen shown below, enter your name. Then before clicking Join Now, make sure the “Computer Audio” option is checked, and the Microphone is on and Volume is up as shown below. If you’d like to test video before joining, make sure the Camera is turned on as shown in the image below. You should see yourself in the camera if it is on.

  1. Confirm Device Settings: Before clicking Join Now, click the Device Settings icon in the red circle above. You will see a sidebar area with a list of devices. Confirm that the devices are set to the correct Speaker, Microphone, and Camera Device, then click the X to close the sidebar.

Step 6: Joining the Meeting

  1. Join the Meeting: Click the Join Now button and you will either join the meeting immediately or see a prompt that the organizer will add you to the meeting soon if the meeting has not started yet.

Step 7: Participating in the Meeting

  1. Mute/Unmute: Use the mute button to manage your audio shown in the red circle below.
  2. Video Controls: Use the video camera icon to turn your video on or off shown in the purple circle below.
  3. Ending the Call: When the meeting concludes, click on the “Leave” button shown in the blue box to end the meeting.

Step 8: Adjust Device Settings in the Meeting

  1. Open and Adjust Device Settings: While in the meeting, click the three dots near the Camera button to open the menu. Then select Settings à Device Settings as shown below. This will open the settings area for the current meeting.

  1. Adjust Devices: As needed adjust the microphone, speaker or camera devices in this window until we can hear you, you can hear us, and we can see each other. The device settings sidebar is shown below.

Additional Tips

  • Stable Internet Connection: Ensure a stable internet connection for a smooth meeting experience.
  • Quiet Environment: Choose a quiet space to minimize background noise.
  • Technical Support: Contact Stonebrook Private Wealth Management’s IT support team if you encounter any difficulties.